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Teen Sensation Takes Over The World!!!

Teen sensation Justin Bieber has been found, by his manager Scott 'Scooter' Braun. Justin is a small town boy from Canada, living a normal life with his friends and family untill he got found on youtube. His videos are all over youtube and have over a million hits. 

Both Justin Timberlake and Usher wanted to sign him up but he chose Usher, he had recorded his first Official Video 'One Time'with Usher, but the first song he actually sung with Usher was Somebody To Love. He know has his own albums such as 'My World' and 'My World 2.0' on these albums there are songs which include 'One Time' 'Favourite Girl' 'Down To Earth' 'Bigger' ''One Less Lonely Girl' 'First Dance' 'Love Me' 'Common Denominator'. In My World 2.0, he recorded 'Baby' which got him to UK NO.3, which made him bigger again. 'Somebody To Love' 'Stuck In The Moment' 'U Smile' 'Runway Love' 'Never Let You Go' 'Overboard' 'Eenie Meenie' 'Up' and'That Should Be Me'

He has recorded songs with all the big top artist such as, Usher, Sean Kingston and Ludacris. Now that is what i call a STAAARRR!!!!

UK Top 5

1.Party Rock Anthem

The Lazy Song
Bruno Mars

Beautiful People
Chris Brown

Snoop Dogg ft David Guetta


  On the Floor -
  Jennifer Lopez