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Film Review - Rango - By India

      This Comical film of adventure tells the story of a pet Chameleon called Rango after getting chucked off his owner's truck and falling from his Tank, Rango finds himself on a road, in the middle of the desert. After debating a while, with the help of his friend, the squashed armadillo, he decides to walk straight into the desert in hope of finding some kind of life form. 
     Parched and hungry, he walks for miles, almost getting eaten by an eagle on the way. As the day draws to an end, he settles down in an old, unused pipe. He dreams he is drowning while his friend, the plastic fish, looks over him in disgust, for leaving him on the roadside, all alone. Suddenly he wakes and finds himself being pulled along by a great slosh of water, which  had come from the pipe he had been sleeping in. In his desperate attempts to slurp up the water before it vanishes into the sand, he meets a Lizard named Beans who is on her way to a village not far away from where he had been sleeping. 
      After grabbing a lift from Beans to the village, he soon becomes very popular by telling his life stories, of murder and revenge and after accidentally killing the feared eagle, he becomes sheriff of the town.
      Can Rango keep the lies at bay, and still keep his home in the desert?
 Rango is a comical film of adventure and the question of truth. I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys a good laugh and to all ages. The animation in this film is amazing and there's definitely no need for 3D. Featuring Johnny Depp and Isla Fisher, this film can be enjoyed by the whole family.
Rating: 4.5 stars