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Games review - Xbox kinect

    The game that ReadMe.com will be reviewing this week is...

Dance Central on Kinect for Xbox 360. 

I have been home all week and been busy, playing this game.

I recommend this for all the family, but mostly for girls, if you’re a boy who games with guns in it, this is not the game for you.

      Dance Central is a game that requires a lot of energy and a lot of movement. It’s really good and has a wide variety of songs from Katie Perry to Michael Jackson. This is also good practice for girls who want to be really good dancers.

       It has all different styles of dance from street to disco. You can play single player to multiplayer.

       You will have the time of your life playing this game and you might find your mum dancing in the background. There are over 100 different dances coriographed by proffesional dancers.

       It’s available to buy from all good game stores and it’s about £25.99. It’s recommended for family fun and trust me, you’ll have the time of your life, playing this game.

It’s recommended for everyone!