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Film Review - Thor     By Josh Large

The film I'm reviewing is called Thor. It's a Marvel based story of Thor, the God of Thunder. He is banished from his Kingdom - Asgard, for starting a war with their enemies called The Frost Giants, who previously tried to steal something very valuable to them from Asgard. He is sent to Earth, while his father becomes ill and his unwise brother takes control of Asgard. After that, everything goes downhill. When Loki, his brother tries to kill him, Thor earns himself a hammer that has special powers, to call storms, to fly, and to kill enemies with, to defeat the robot that Loki sent. But is Thor too late to save Asgard?

I muchly enjoyed this film as the storyline was well-thought through and was very realistic considering the circumstance. It was humorous in parts and the actors were well suited for the right characters. But, I wouldn't recommend this film to girls for obvious reasons!

The main characters in this story are Thor, Loki and Jane.
Thor (Chris Hemsworth) was a very selfish and arrogant at the beginning of the film, mainly because he was stopped from being King of Asgard by The Frost Giants. But, as the film goes on, you see how he changes his way to be wise and thoughtful.
Loki (Tom Hiddleston) is Thor's adopted brother which he finds out when he becomes King. He was originally one of The Frost Giants, but Thor's father rescued him, when they were at war many years ago. When he finds out he becomes evil and worthy of his place on the throne.

Jane (Natalie Portman) is a scientist on Earth, who was studying the cloud that Thor fell out of and that ran over Thor. She then starts caring for him and soon fall in love.

Overall, a film worth watching definitely  and would rate this film 5 out of 5!

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