Where the fun begins!

The main characters are E.B, Carlos, Fred and E.B’s dad.  E.B is the Easter bunny that is meant to take over from his dad this year, Carlos is a chick that wants chicks to take the role of Easter bunny from the bunny’s. E.B  escapes from Easter Island because he feels he isn’t ready to become Easter bunny and Fred runs him over and takes him in and looks after him. E.B’s dream is becoming a drummer and while he is in Hollywood he auditions as a drummer at David Hasselhoff ’s show. E.B’s dad has sent out the royal bunny guards to find him and then E.B realises he needs to go back to take the role of Easter bunny. The guards kidnap Fred and take him back to Easter Island where Carlos is planning to kill Fred and E.B’s dad and take over as Easter chick but will E.B stop him?

I would recommend this film to children, it’s a humorous film and has a good story line but may be boring for adults. It’s a good film for the Easter season. I would recommend this film to all children. I would give it 4 out of 5 stars!
 By Delyn Fritter