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Film Review- Hairspray- By Alice Goode

Hairspray is a funny, all singing and all dancing. It also is about the troubles of black people in the sixties and that they are only allowed to go on the Corny Collins show once a month. The Corny Collins show is a dancing show that goes on the television every evening. It is based in the sixties in Baltimore. Tracey who is the main character was dancing in front of Corny Collins at a school dance and that is how she got to be on the Corny Collins Show. The only problem is that the shows manager and her daughter who is on the show dislike Tracey very much. Also Tracey gets arrested!! 
Watch it to find out what happens to Tracey and see if she can find true love with the main singer on the Corny Collins Show Link Larkin. Zac Efron plays Link.

This film is a must see film for everyone. It will appeal to people off all ages. It also stars John Travolta, Michael Pfeifferr, Christopher Walken, Amanda Bynes, Brittany Snow and many more.