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Lybia Rebels finally start
to resemble a fighting force


In the last few weeks of the battle in Lybia, this is the first time that the rebels have actualy started to resemble a fighting force. At their base in Bengazi the rebel forces are racing against time to try and train up their recruits, many of which have never touched a gun in thier lives, let alone fought to defend their country on the front line.

A new regime has come into place, a circuit where the 500 or so recruits that have come to join the rebels have been divided and put into groups of 40-50 people, and put on different stations, to for example learn how to assemble and dissmantle a heavy machine gun, how to use a AK47 or fire a mortar shell.

I talked to one of the recruits, a former engineer, who gave up his job to defend his country by joining the rebl group. He said ‘I have never used a gun in my life, let alone fought on the front line. I hate the thought of fighting, especially, in my own country, but when it comes down to defending ym home, if I have to thats what I’ll do.’

A day ago, a body of an anti-Gadaffi fighter was found, after he had accidentaly shot himself after trying to fix a jammed rifle,  even though the rebels are starting to become more organised and better trained, they are no match against Gadaffi’s fighters who areeven more organised and even better trained. The rebels Equipment is old and many times the training has been interupted by rifles jamming or equipment braking because of its old age. The Gaddaffi’s fighters have all the new equipment and won’t even have to give a second thought on wheather their equpipment is going to work or not.

 The rebel fighters are left to pray that the Gadaffi fighters are not as commited or well  equipped, because as the fighting goes on many more Gadaffi fighters will e trained and brought forward to battle.