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Justin Bieber - A National star!

Justin Bieber is a well known teen sensation! He is only 17 years and is already known across the world.

Last weekend it was Justin Bieber’s mum’s birthday! For her birthday Justin made his mum a really big cake and he made everyone in the audience sing ‘Happy Birthday’ and while she was blowing on her candles her hair caught on fire! Then Justin came to the rescue and put it out for her!

Also when Justin Bieber was on tour in Manchester, Willow Smith played a trick on Justin Bieber before the show, to get Willow back he when she was singins Whip my Hair Justin went and started whiping his hair! Also his manager Scooter went on with him!

Justin Bieber is  very upset about what happend in Japan and He has said a few words to listen to these words and see lots of other videos go on this website:


Justin Bieber has recently wrote a few new songs called: Kiss and Tell, Born to be Somebody, Pray and Next To You with Justin Bieber and Chris Brown singing. You can listen to all these songs on YouTube.


Now there is a Justin Bieber wax in Madame Tussaude’s!!


Earlier this week Justin Bieber was staying in a Liverpool hotel, when two girls snuck throuh the fire escape on the side of the hotel, stole two maid outfits and went into Justin Bieber’s room and said they were “cleaning.” Justin was stuck in his hotel room because the Police said that he coudn’t go out because he might cause a riot!

To raise Money for charity Justin Bieber cut of most of his hair and raised over £7,000!!!

Justin Bieber has recently appeared in two episodes of CSI in the First one He was introduced and in the second episode he was murdered because he was a criminal.

Also this week we have found a Justin Bieber look a like! It is a female singer called Dani Shay!


On this hyperlink you can see all pictures of Dani Shay and see how much she looks like Justin Bieber!

A few months ago Justin Bieber released a movie about his life and his career! He raised loads of Money form selling the tickets.

With all the money he raised he bought a new house for his mum, in their home town Toronto.